Glidescope Reusable Titanium Video Laryngoscopy System


It is the world‘s most advanced ‘Video Laryngoscope‘ system that provides a continuous and clear image with 60 degree special angle, titanium (reusable) or spectrum (disposable) blade options in cases where direct laryngoscopy is unsuccessful, intubation is difficult or expected to be.

General Feature

  1. It is specially designed for difficult airline handling.
  2. Glidescope consists of 6.4 ”monitor, blades, video cable and portable stand.
  3. Since the reusable blades are made of titanium, they are very light and suitable for use for many years.
  4. All of the blades and cables can be thrown into liquid disinfectants.
  5. Since the maximum blade height is 14.5 mm, it is suitable for patients whose mouth width is narrow or where cervical mobilization is not possible.
  6. It is specially designed for the Glidescope and has a 60-degree angle to accommodate all situations where intubation is difficult.
  7. It provides high resolution images with the camera system integrated with blades.
  8. The light source of the blades is LED and has antifog feature.
  9. The monitor is easily opened and ready to use within 10 seconds.
  10. The monitor can operate for at least 90 minutes with its internal battery.
  11. With the keys on the monitor, recording and instant photographing can be done.
  12. The whole system is suitable for use of disposable blades when necessary.
  13. There is a guide stylet made of titanium matching the angle of the blades.

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