About Us

Our company was founded in 1994 and based in Ankara. It is operating in the medical market with extensive dealer network in Turkey.

It is a company that has been serving with the principle of "Life Saving Devices for Teams That Save Life" since the day it was founded, and at the same time aims to produce in this field.
Our company serves as a supplier to University Hospitals, Training and Research Hospitals, Emergency Clinics, 112 UMKE units where Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Emergency Health Services are provided, and institutions responsible for national security.
We carefully select the equipment we supply from clinically proven and expert companies in their field, and we provide training by experts in order to use these products correctly.

We serve with the awareness of the responsibility of seeing the EMERGENCY and FIRST AID business as a NATIONAL issue.

Our company is a LEADING company that comes to mind first when it comes to RESUSCITATION and FIRST AID with its efforts in this field.

Best Regards,