Aerogen Ultra

It provides twice as much medication to be administered half time of the planned treatment period.

Post-Ventilation Care

The Aerogen Ultra is a non-invasive device designed to ensure that the Aerogen Solo provides optimal therapy for patients who leave the ventilator.

Better Lung Accumulation

Featuring an innovative aerosol chamber, Aerogen Ultra effectively delivers inhaled medications to the patient. Clinical studies show that Aerogen Ultra achieves 35% drug accumulation in the lungs compared to small-chamber nebulizers with only 8% drug accumulation.

6 times more inhaled medication is delivered to the lungs.

It has been clinically proven that patients with respiratory problems can achieve symptom control with a single Salbutamol treatment.

Urgent Care

Alevlenmeler For patients who need fast and effective aerosol medication during exacerbations, Aerogen Ultra delivers inhaled medication faster than traditional methods such as jet nebulization.

Made works; It showed that patients treated with Aerogen Ultra had a significant reduction in the duration of their stay in the emergency room.

Simple and Quiet

Easy to install and almost silent, Aerogen Ultra can be used with a mouthpiece or mask, with or without oxygen, depending on the treatment needs of the patient.

General Features

  1. It cuts the time required to deliver aerosol drugs in half.
  2. There is no need for a device that provides extra current, it is compatible with all Aerogen devices.
  3. It also allows oxygen to be given at the same time, on demand.
  4. The healthcare provider makes sure that the prescribed dose of medication is completely delivered.

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