ROY + Neck Splint

ROY + Disposable Neck Splint

ROY + Disposable Neck Splint, which is specially produced from a single piece, shapeable and semi-rigid material, is used to prevent left-right and front-back movements of the neck region, especially in patients with risk of spinal cord injury.

It has a structure that can be used by ambulance units and first aid teams, as well as for individual use to fix the neck area in minor accidents.

Adjustable, Stable, Safe

Thanks to the adjustable small wings on the front-upper part, it can be used safely in patients with different neck length. With this feature, it protects the neck position after the accident and prevents further damage to the patient.

While the holes on the front and back of it serve to intake and release air, the opening in the anterior part allows the creation of a temporary airway (cricotriodotomy, trachelectomy, percutaneous tracheostomy), and the use of medical imaging devices thanks to its X-Ray permeability feature.

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