ROY+ Urine Bag With Valve

ROY+ Disposable Urine Bag With Valve

ROY+ Disposable Valved Urine Bag has been produced to provide comfortable urination and hygiene during urination. It is supported by a valve in a way to prevent the return of urine and the spread of odor.
High Capacity, Ergonomic Structure
Our product, which has a 1500cc (± 50 ml) urine collection volume, makes it easier to determine the amount of urine and follow up urine with the ml grading on it. Funnel part; It is designed in accordance with the anatomical structure so that women, men and children can use it comfortably. 360 ° rotatable funnel part of ROY+ Disposable Valved Urine Bag; By allowing the patient to urinate easily during hospitalization, the bag has the ability to be carried and hang on the bed if desired, owing to the handle on the funnel.

No Leakage, No Smell
Even if the urine stays in the bag for a long time, it is designed so that there is no leakage, leakage and odor. The windowed bag structure presents variables such as urine color for the visual evaluation of healthcare professionals, however, it has a suitable structure for collecting urine samples.

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