Lifepak CR2 Automated External Defibrillator

Connected. Ready. Smart.

In cardiac emergencies, the LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillator connects everyone and everything needed for treatment. It reduces delays in treatment and enables better results in saving lives.


A complete AED response system was created with the CR2, which was designed based on the feedback of rescuers in the field. When you start using the defibrillator, you choose a solution that allows for continuous CPR and supports innovation and technology in the care system, and helps people in the environment save lives.

LIFEPAK CR2 is a powerful, easy-to-use AED.

Advanced technology including cprINSIGHT, Wi-Fi connectivity and continuous self-monitoring enables devices and rescuers to be prepared to deliver swift, lifesaving treatment.

Self-Tracking AED Device

Battery not charged? Is the AED not where it should be? LIFEPAK LINK Central AED program manager monitors every LIFEPAK CR2 connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network and automatically alerts you in any situation that may affect the readiness of the device. This improves the readiness and efficiency of your program while significantly reducing AED operating costs.

Continuous CPR

More CPR means better blood circulation and better survival rate. LIFEPAK CR2 allows chest compressions during ECG rhythm analysis, reducing pauses between CPR and defibrillation. When CPR begins, Cpr INSIGHT technology automatically analyzes and detects whether a shock specific to LIFEPAK CR2 is required. This feature significantly reduces pauses in chest compressions. Even if the rhythm is determined to be shocking, the pauses are completely eliminated.

Simple Use

LIFEPAK CR2 uses simple graphics, voice instructions and automated features to help users stay focused. Child mode button provides reduced energy and CPR guidance especially for children.

One Electrode for All Patient Profiles

Using a single electrode for all patient types with the LIFEPAK CR2, it pioneered this issue. With the pediatric mode toggle button on the device, by using the electrodes on the device for both adult and pediatric patients, you will eliminate the cost of energy-reducing pediatric electrodes with the highest cost in AED devices.

Dual Language Option

LIFEPAK CR2 is suitable for everyone to use in public areas and for easier and healthier intervention to cardiac arrest patients; In addition to the local spoken language, it provides the opportunity to switch to a second language, which is widely used internationally, by pressing a single button.

Always Ready for Electrical Treatment

LIFEPAK CR2 provides the fastest response time in its field with a charging time of 0 seconds.

LIFEPAK CR2 can apply electrical therapy immediately after the analysis by charging itself while analyzing the rhythm of the cardiac arrest patient.

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