CPAP Set Flow Safe II

Flow Safe CPAP

The most characteristic feature of the Flow Safe CPAP System is that it can apply CPAP to the patient by being attached to the central oxygen system or oxygen tubes in hospitals without the need for any ventilator or CPAP device. In addition, thanks to the T-piece with valve, nebul application can be performed while applying CPAP to the patient.

General Features

  1. CPAP can be applied directly to the central oxygen system or oxygen cylinders in hospitals without the need for any device.Hastaya uygulanan PEEP basıncı hastanede bulunan tüp veya merkezi sistem oksijenmanometresinden ayarlanabilir.
  2. The PEEP pressure applied to the patient can be adjusted from the tube or central system oxygen manometer in the hospital.
  3. Compatible with all oxygen manometers.
  4. It has a pressure gauge that shows the pressure of PEEP in the lungs.
  5. The FIO2 delivered to the patient can be set at 50%.
  6. In order to prevent barotrauma, it can discharge oxygen when necessary with its safety valve.
  7. It has a nebul connection that enables nebuling while CPAP is being applied to the patient.
  8. It has a face stabilizer that prevents leakage and a CPAP mask and head stabilizer that can adjust the forehead height.
  9. The conformity of the mask to the facial anatomy ensures a perfect fit and easy fixation.

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