Correct Guide, Correct CPR

By directing personnel in real time during CPR; It measures and evaluates parameters such as compression, decompression, speed and application time.

High CPR Quality

The American Heart Association (AHA) - European Resuscitation Council (ERC) 2015 guidelines recommended the use of CPR support and guidance systems for hand chest compressions. 

The True-Cpr system works with an algorithm that calculates the depth of the pressure applied to the patient between two reference points and the return to the neutral position axially. In this way, it provides an obvious correct orientation compared to other systems.

Proprietary ‘Triaxial Field Induction Technology‘ instantly measures the distance between the front and back pads during compressions. This unique technology is compatible with all metals on the patient, including pacemakers, ICDs, implants, and jewelry.

General Features

  1. With the True-Cpr system;
    • Compression ratio at the appropriate depth (in percent)
    • Proper chest decompression rate (in percent)
    • Compression speed
    • Total resuscitation time (Elapsed Time)
    • Compression time in resuscitation (Hands On Time)
    can follow.
  2. True-CPR has an audible metronome feature.
  3. Provides the option to select 30/2 or continuous compressions while delivering True-CPR compressions.
  4. True-CPR allows the status of compressions and decompressions to be followed visually. If sufficient depth and relaxation cannot be achieved, it is directed by"direction arrows".
  5. True-CPR with a liquid and dust proof level of IP 55 ensures safe use in any environment.
  6. It provides the opportunity to examine the data obtained in computer environment, so it can be used as training material.

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