ROY + Bedpan Cover

Roy + Disposable Bedpan Cover

Owing to its anti-odor system and biodegradable Gelmax (with a high rate of super absorbent polymer content) pad, the “disposable” based Roy + Slide Cover, which absorbs liquids by gelling within 1 or 2 minutes, prevents the spreading of bad odors of stools and liquids. It provides hygiene and comfort with its easy usage.
Its bag, produced from environmentally friendly low density polyethylene, is highly resistant to tears. The nylon bindings in the mouth of the bolt cover provide the opportunity to be easily thrown away by pulling and knotting. It has a wide range of uses such as hospitals, ambulances, military units, nurseries, nursing homes.

It provides microscopic and macroscopic examination of stool content and diagnosis of acute bleeding.

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