The unique palladium vibrating mesh technology Aerogen Vibronic® is a revolution in aerosol medicine therapy and is at the heart of the entire Aerogen family.

More Efficient, More Control

Compared to jet nebulizers, Aerogen Solo delivers more inhaled medication to the lungs in a shorter time, with less residual volume, allowing a more effective, more controlled and safer treatment.

Multiple Therapies

Aerogen Solo offers more effective drug therapy throughout the hospital through mechanical ventilation and non-invasive support such as high flow therapies (HFNC), non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and spontaneous breathing patients.

Reducing the Risk of Exposure

The medication chamber is isolated from the breathing circuit which minimizes the nebulization of contaminated fluids. Since the need to open the circuit is eliminated, the risk of exposure to bioaerosols for both healthcare providers and patients is reduced.

Closed Circuit Integrity

The Aerogen Solo has a unique design that stays in place during ventilation. This closed system requires minimal maintenance and can be left in circuit, reducing personnel management and workload.

Simple and Quiet

Very easy to install and virtually silent operation without additional flow.

General Features

  1. It provides the most effective "Nebul" treatment in the world with its "Palladium vibrating mesh" technology.
  2. The medicine accumulation in the lungs is many times greater than traditional methods.
  3. It works completely silently. It is for single use only.
  4. The solution is suitable for suspension proteins and peptides.
  5. It provides the opportunity to use between 7 and 28 days.
  6. With its T adapter, it provides effective use in patients connected to a mechanical ventilator.

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