Sedaconda ACD

More Effective, More Efficient

Thanks to its innovative design, it makes the process of providing inhaled anesthetics to intubated and mechanically ventilated patients more effective and efficient.

Sedaconda ACD is attached to the respiratory circuit Decoupled between the endotracheal tube and the Y-segment. It contains an evaporator that allows the evaporation of inhaled anesthetics.

A Safe Anesthesia Experience

It provides surgeons and anesthesiologists with a safer experience during the operation by allowing patients to adjust the anesthesia level more precisely.

Simple, Fast and Smoothly Operation

Thanks to the effective carbon filter in Sedaconda ACD, approximately 90% of the breath-delivered anesthetic is absorbed during expiration and reflected back to the patient during inspiration, reducing drug consumption. Sedaconda ACD also contains a bacterial/viral filter as a very efficient Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME).

In addition to enabling health professionals to perform their operations faster and more smoothly, it also contributes to the rapid awakening of patients by optimizing the delivery of inhal October anesthesia. This also accelerates the recovery process after surgery.
At the beginning of inspiration, air is transported from the ventilator and passes through the Sedaconda ACD. The liquid anesthetic substance delivered through the anesthetic substance line, coming from the syringe pump, is evaporated and transported to the patient along with the air flow.

During expiration, about 90% of the anesthetic substance is absorbed by the reflector in the Sedaconda ACD.

In the next inspiration, the anesthetic agent is released from the reflector in Sedaconda ACD along with the newly evaporated anesthetic agent and transported to the patient by air Tue.

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