CPAP Set Flow Safe II Plus Bilevel

CPAP and BiLevel CPAP both in one and single use

The BiLevel CPAP set is a single use system that can be used by connecting to a central oxygen system or oxygen cylinder without the need for a device or energy source.

It has 2 modes to allow BiLevel CPAP and CPAP application, the clinician can easily select the treatment to be applied via a flip switch.

Owing to IPAP and EPAP diaphragms that provide controlled and precise pressure adjustment;

PEEP pressure in CPAP mode;

It provides 2-3 cmH2O in LPM oxygen flow, 6-7 cmH2O at 10 LPM oxygen flow, 8-9 cmH2O at 12 LPM oxygen flow and 11-12 cmH2O at 15 LPM oxygen flow.
In BiLevel CPAP mode, IPAP (Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure) pressure is 8-9 cmH2O at 14 LPM oxygen flow, 9-10 cmH2O at 15 LPM oxygen flow, 11-12 cmH2O at 16 LPM oxygen flow and 17 LPM oxygen flow provides 12-13 cm H2O.  

EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure) pressure can be adjusted in BiLevel CPAP mode.

System Components and Features

  1. 1. Mask:
    • The mask is suitable for facial anatomy to cover the mouth and nose.
    • In order to prevent air leaks, it is supported with a second silicone layer that is fully compatible with the face.
    • It provides comfortable treatment thanks to the straight connector that is integrated with the mask and rotates 360 degrees.
    • It has 2 ports to provide ETCO2 monitoring and additional oxygen support.
    • There is a telescopically adjustable forehead support on the mask.
  2. 2. Head Stabilizer:
    • It has clips that allow it to be easily attached and removed from the mask.
    • With its elastic structure, it is compatible with all head structures with and without hair.
    • It has tulle-shaped or ventilation holes for hair and skin to breathe.
    • 2-Manometer:
      It displays 0-25 cm H2O pressure values visually with 1 cm intervals and numerically with 5 ara cm intervals.
      It displays PEEP pressure when in CPAP mode, and IPAP and EPAP pressures in BiLevel CPAP mode.

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