OxyTrach offers the clinician options for oxygen therapy, humidification or aerosol therapy for patients using a tracheostomy tube.

OxyTrach provides 23% to 83% FiO2 at flows of 1 to 15+ liters per minute.

Provides oxygen therapy via conventional connecting hose or 22 mm circuit tubing.

The connector can be connected to the aerosol nebulizer to provide effective aerosol therapy and not compromise oxygen therapy.

General Features

  1. It is designed for oxygen and nebulized therapy of patients with tracheostomy.
  2. With its swivel adapter, it can be used comfortably for patients in lying or sitting position.
  3. If desired, it provides O2 only or nebul therapy with its oxygen connection connector.
  4. Provides 24% - 80% FiO2.
  5. It can also be used for moisturizing process when necessary.

Files & Documents

OxyTrach files and documents:

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