Babyflow Plus
Non-invasive Respiratory Support System For Neonatal and Pediatric Patients.

Using computational flow analysis technology, it is designed to minimize patients‘ respiratory exertion and provide CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) treatment. 

Aquapor H300
Active Respiratory Moisturizer

It is designed to alleviate the effects of impaired natural heating, humidification and secretion functions of patients who need mechanical ventilation for a long time, to increase the comfort of patients and reduce the risk of lung infections.

It provides ideally adjusted breathing gas by compensating for the heat and water loss caused by ventilation with cold and dry medical gases.  

Soda Lime 
Drägersorb With Its Unique Hemispherical Pellet Design

Dräger is the only anesthesia device manufacturer that has developed and manufactured its own sodalime to optimize both safety and performance. Drägersorb sodalime offers the safest and most effective function thanks to its hemispherical shape. Drägersorb, which can be used in combination with all halogenated respiratory anesthetic agents, improves clinical results by reducing maintenance costs due to the significant change in color from white to violet.

Non-Invaziv Ventilation Masks
Comfortable and Effective Non-Invasive Ventilation

The Dräger NovaStar ® and ClassicStar ® NIV full face masks are designed for non-invasive ventilation therapy. ClassicStar ® full face masks are disposable inflatable or disposable gel filled, while NovaStar ® full face masks are disinfectable and gel filled. The shape of both NIV full face masks can be adjusted according to the person and adapted to the patient‘s face, providing maximum comfort and effective sealing thanks to the silicone-gel pillow. Both masks have a padded forehead support to distribute the pressure.

Flow Sensors
Hot Wire Anemometer

Choosing the right flow sensor can make a big difference in ventilation performance and the provision of various measurements. The Dräger adult and newborn flow sensors are based on proven hot-wire anemometer techniques. A hot-wire anemometer is a technique used to measure air velocity and air flow velocity. It is based on measuring the cooling of a heated wire to determine the speed of the air flow. It is clearly superior to other methods due to its extremely low inspiratory and expiratory resistances, as well as exceptionally fast and accurate measurement results.

Excellent Protection For Precise Gas Measurement

The Dräger WaterLock safely prevents water from entering the multi-gas sensor. The measuring system is best protected by Dräger‘s special membrane technology. Dräger designed the WaterLock with two hydrophobic membranes instead of one. This twin membrane protection system keeps condensation away from sampling gas and cleaning gas. The use of twin membranes and specially developed membrane material effectively prevents the entry of bacteria or microbes into the gas measurement system.

Exhalation Valves

The Dräger exhalation valves have been specially developed for use with Dräger ventilators in order to provide proper ventilation. The exhalation valve allows the patient to precisely control the stages of inspiration and exhalation at the same time, allowing the therapeutically relevant PEEP level to be reliably controlled.

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