ROY + Disposable Finger

ROY + Disposable Finger Splints

ROY + Disposable Finger Splints are used to reduce complaints such as injury, swelling and pain in the body limbs and to keep the limbs immobile.

After medical interventions to be applied on the limbs, it contributes positively to the relief of pain that may occur in the patient and to the healing process.
It is used to fix the finger in fractures, sprains, sprains and tendon injuries. It can also be used as supportive treatment during the physical therapy phase, before and after surgery However, in emergency situations such as a traffic accident; It ensures that the patient‘s fingers remain stable during transport. Since the splints stay in the body for a long time, the material they are produced from is very important. Choosing products made of quality materials with air permeability will positively affect the treatment process.

These products are practical and easy to use, but it is very important to choose the splint in suitable sizes for the patient. For this, we have 3 types of splints designed to be applied in different treatments:

Rod Finger Splint

It is used to keep the finger stable in the transverse fractures, sprains and injuries of the finger bones.

Considering different finger sizes; It is designed in 4 different sizes as 30 cm, 25 cm, 20 cm, and 15 cm.

Baseball Splint

It ensures that the finger remains stable in extension in finger fractures, tendon and nerve injuries.

There are 3 different size options as small, medium and large.

Frog Splint

It provides protection against finger area damage in cases such as finger fractures, sports injuries, tendon inflammation. This splint provides a healing effect against pain and damages; It is used as an adjunct to treatment for injury pain, swelling, and bruising.

There are 3 different size options as small, medium and large.

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