NIO Pediatric

NIO Pediatric™,

It is an automated intraosseous device designed for fast, safe and easy vascular access in 10 seconds or less. The NIO Pediatric does not require assembly due to its compact structure, so it is ideal for use in both pre-hospital and hospital settings.

NIO Pediatric is designed for pediatric patients aged 3-12 years.

The needle on the base of the device can be adjusted by adjusting the stabilizer to change the needle depth according to the age of the patient. The needle stabilizer has protruding arrows that aid in the correct anatomical placement of the device using the tibial tuberosity as a landmark.

General Features

  1. Design created for use in the pediatric population aged 3-12 years
  2. Sterile, single use
  3. Safe, exposed and no needles in sight
  4. Adjustable needle depth:
  5. 14mm for 3-9 year olds
  6. 18 mm for 9-12 years old
  7. 3-function stabilizer integrated with the needle
  8. No risk of cross contamination
  9. Safety cover that is active when turned
  10. Patient and user friendly
  11. No assembly required
  12. No external power supply or batteries required
  13. Pocket size and approx.100g
  14. 5-year shelf life

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