Sam Chest Seal

Designed for Simplicity and Safety

SAM® Chest Seal is engineered to treat, seal, and reseal open chest wounds under most circumstances. After simple and quick application, SAM® Chest Seal sticks relentlessly – through extreme heat or cold, no matter the elements. Meets CoTCCC-preferred features.

Truflow™ Valve

SAM® Chest Seal’s rigid, raised-dome valve ensures one-way airflow from the chest cavity, no matter the pressure applied. Large side vents minimize internal obstruction from blood clots or soft tissue. Whether in transport or in the presence of heavy body armor, the TRUFLOW™ Valve will continue to vent.

Powered Gel Technology

Strong hydrogel layer; It sticks even in blood, sweat, hair and liquid contamination.

Its large and oval shape provides a larger adhesion area. Its transparent structure provides the opportunity to monitor the condition of the wound.

Night Vision Optimization

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