Hygrovent Gold Active Passive Humidification Set

Why Are Heat and Moisture Necessary?

The main purposes of the upper respiratory tract organs; It is the heating, humidification and filtering of inhaled air. The ideal situation for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurring in the alveoli is the presence of 37 ° C temperature and 100% relative humidity. While these values do not exist in the air we breathe, our natural respiratory system heats and humidifies the air to provide the ideal conditions in the alveoli.

In intubated patients, the gases to be given to the patient must be heated and humidified, since the functions of the upper respiratory tract disappear with the endotracheal tube. If the air delivered to the patient is not conditioned effectively, damage to the respiratory epithelium is inevitable.

Failure to humidify, insufficient or excessive humidification increases the risk of infection and complications (bronchial dehydration, secretion retention, decreased lung compliance, atelectasis, difficulty in oxygen intake, etc.). Optimum heating and humidification of respiratory gases in mechanical ventilation provides an environment equivalent to physiological breathing and reduces the risk of such complications.

Fixed performance passive moisture filters and devices do not take into account the patient‘s changeability.

Here is the Solution

Where humidity is needed most; Make sure that it is produced in the most efficient way and in the place closest to the patient.

Hygrovent Gold HME Booster Technolog

It offers a unique solution for the heating and humidification of the ventilated gas in patients receiving ventilation support, positioned at the closest place to the patient. Since humidification and heating is performed between the endotracheal tube and the breathing circuit, there is no water condensation in the circuit, and there is no need to use a heated circuit and water trap.

Optimal Combination

It is the perfect combination of active and passive moisturizing. The system consists of high performance HME filter, heater adapter and luer adapter for water connection. The evaporation of water from the heater adapter allows the ventilated air to be heated and humidified.

Hydrophobic Membrane

Gore-tex membrane in Hygrovent Gold content; While it prevents the passage of bacteria, viruses and water, it only allows the passage of water vapor, which allows the ventilated gas to reach absolute and relative humidity.

High Performance Ventilation

Hygrovent Gold HME-Booster technology not only provides heat and moisture in the inspiration of the ventilated patient, but also prepares high-performance heating and humidification for the post-exhalation breathing cycle.

Hygrovent Gold 

It combines the ease of use of moisture filters with the advantages of active humidification.
It provides the conditions closest to the physiological environment by providing both active and passive moistening according to the changing secretion and sputum conditions of the patient.

Hygrovent Gold is extremely easy to install and use and is connected between the patient‘s endotracheal tube and breathing circuit.

General Features

  1. It provides temperature and humidity values closest to physiological conditions in the airways of patients connected to a mechanical ventilator.
  2. In addition, there is no need to use a bacteria filter, moisture filter or a funnel chamber.
  3. It reduces ventilator-associated pneumonia.
  4. There is no need to use circuits with heater and water traps.
  5. Goro-tex prevents direct fluid passage to the patient with its hydrophobic membrane.
  6. It ensures that the circuits between the patient and the ventilator device remain completely closed.
  7. Decreases patient stay, antibiotics and other costs.
  8. It prevents ‘dry‘ formation in patients connected to ventilator caused by insufficient humidification.
  9. It offers the advantages of active and passive moisturizing together.

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