Revolution in Oxygen Therapy!

Pin and Diffuser Technology
OxyMask ™ has an innovative "Pin" and "Diffuser" technology designed to concentrate and redirect the oxygen flow.

The mushroom-shaped ‘Pin‘ redirects the flow of oxygen, creating an organized vortex pattern and cloud of concentrated oxygen molecules, while the triangular directional ‘Diffuser‘ corrects the shape of the oxygen vortices and directs the flow towards the patient‘s nose and mouth.

OxyMask‘s patented ‘Pin Diffuser‘ technology,

Move the oxygen flow to where it is needed; directs and concentrates the patient‘s nose and mouth. This design reduces oxygen consumption by allowing higher FiO2 with less oxygen flow.

One Mask Construction for All Patients.

OxyMask replaces all other traditional masks by safely supplying oxygen from lowest to highest, saving clinicians time.

With OxyMask, everyone breathes easier.

Patient Safety and Comfort

The open design of the OxyMask allows the exhaled carbon dioxide to escape more easily, reducing the risk of re-inhalation. It minimizes claustrophobic feelings and enables oral and nasal medical applications simultaneously with oxygen therapy. OxyMask allows you to communicate better with the clinician and your loved ones than traditional masks.

OxyMask provides FiO2 in the range of 24-90%

OxyMask ™ s revolutionary mask design can offer the full range of oxygen therapy; (24 - 90% oxygen concentrations), safely and efficiently. OxyMask ™ oxygen concentration has been tested and documented in clinical studies.

According to a clinical study (Mathews and Gregg, 2008), it was evaluated how the open design of OxyArm ™ and OxyMask ™ affects oxygen delivery. As a result of this study, it was found that OxyMask ™ provides 24-90% oxygen concentration.

"OxyMask ™ could be an application device that solves that very old problem of having to keep a large number of oxygen masks" (Mathews & Gregg, 2008)

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