OxyMask ETCO2

Reliable Nasal and Oral EtCO2 Sampling

Carbon dioxide formed during exhalation is sampled simultaneously as it exits the mask openings.
Provides reliable monitoring of EtCO2 trends even when the oxygen flow is 15 LPM.

Open mask technology reduces the risk of re-inhaling CO2 in terms of patient safety. The comfortable and ergonomic design reduces the patient‘s claustrophobia and discomfort. Allows clear communication with healthcare professionals and their loved ones.
Oxygen Flow LPM FiO2 Rate
1 LPM 24% - 25%
2 LPM 27% - 32%
4 LPM 34% - 40%
6 LPM 42% - 48%
8 LPM 49% - 55%
10 LPM 53% - 58%
12-15 LPM 59% - 65%

The cup-shaped diffuser cap is connected to the ETCO2 sampling line.

Adult and Child sizes are available.

General Features

  1. Provides high FiO2 at low currents.
  2. Both O2 therapy and ETCO2 can be followed up.
  3. Sidestream is compatible with all devices that monitor ETCO2.
  4. It does not create carbon dioxide retention.
  5. Low saturation increases rapidly in very short periods of time.
  6. It provides safe use in hypoxic, hypercapnic patients and in the treatment of COPD.
  7. FiO2 (24% -65%) adjustable, provides accurate oxygen therapy.
  8. Allows aspiration, oral care, ng catheter applications.
  9. Understandable communication can be established with the patient.
  10. It does not create intrinsic PEEP.
  11. With its specially molded packaging, the mask is presented to the user without damaging its anatomical structure.
  12. CAPNOXYGEN; It has a more closed design than diffuser masks. In blood gas comparisons, the diffuser gives more correlated results than ETCO2. It is suitable for ETCO2 monitoring of both mouth and nose breathing patients.
  13. Continuous measurement can be taken with its non-king structure.
  14. It is compatible with monitors that measure sidestream thanks to the Luer input.

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