NIO Adult

In Need of Emergency Vascular Access

Make sure the NIO is complete and ready to use. NIO is an automated intraosseous access device packaged for fast, secure and easy vascular access in 10 seconds or less.

There is no battery. No assembly. No extra parts.

Meet NIO - Next Generation NIO ™

Success rates as high as 98%, incredible ease of use, safe and sterile; NIO with its all-in-one design;

Intraosseous access has been rediscovered.

NIO is a user-friendly, semi-automatic intraosseous device that provides fast, safe and easy vascular access in case of emergency.

Safe On The Bone.d

NIO has been clinically proven safe on bone and resulted in zero incidence of bone fractures as observed on post-implantation rontgens.

Easily Tolerates Common User Mistakes

One clinical study evaluated common user errors with needle insertion and found that NIO maintained an 85% success rate even when placed at a distance of 5 cm from the correct insertion site.

High Success Rate of Up to 98% in First Attempt

The New York Institute of Osteopathic Medicine conducted a study that determined a proximal tibia success rate of over 98%.

General Features

  1. 15G Needle thickness, 25 mm penetration length, 42 mm needle length, stainless steel needle
  2. Vascular access in less than 10 seconds.
  3. 3-function stabilizer integrated with the needle
  4. Sterile, single use
  5. No risk of cross contamination
  6. Safe, exposed and no needles in sight
  7. Safety cover that is active when turned
  8. Patient and user friendly
  9. No assembly required
  10. No external power supply or battery
  11. Pocket size and approx.100g
  12. 5-year shelf life
  13. CLABSI eliminates the risk

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