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Rely on the LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator for the confidence you need in emergencies and the highest available escalating energy, up to 360 joules (360J).

Trust proven clinical performance

Take advantage of escalating energy up to 360J—which has been shown to improve conversion rates for difficult-to-defibrillate patients. 

Elevate STEMI care with the industry-leading University of Glasgow ECG Analysis Program and ST-segment trend monitoring, which continuously monitors all 12-leads, alerting you to changes. 

Work efficiently even in chaotic settings

From intuitive controls to a dual-battery system and a large 8.4 inch anti-reflective color display that changes to high-contrast mode with a single button, the LIFEPAK 15 helps you work more efficiently so you can keep your focus on your patients.

Depend on LIFEPAK TOUGH rugged durability

With more than a dozen durability enhancements from the previous generation of LIFEPAK devices, the LIFEPAK 15 is our toughest yet – built to withstand drops, shocks, and extreme vibration.

General Features

  1. Supports improved resuscitation results
    • Proven CPR guidance—shown to guide responders to perform compressions at 100/minute and avoid over-ventilation
    • Capture all displayed waveforms and CPR quality for post-event review
    • The highest escalating energy available, up to 360J biphasic, for difficult-to-defibrillate patients
  2. Easy to use so care teams can focus on patients
    • Dual-mode display screen that provides maximum visibility—59% larger screen than competitive devices
    • All key functionality with a single button push
    • Easy access to cables, connections and printer
  3. Uses a top 12-lead ECG algorithm
    • Trusted, proven University of Glasgow 12-Lead ECG Analysis Program
    • Continuous monitoring of all 12-leads with alerts when significant ST segment changes are detected
    • Uses Sgarbossa criteria and measures STJ at the J point for possible STEMI patients and provides pediatric interpretation for pediatric patients.
    • Corner guards, shock-absorbing handle, and reinforced cable connections
    • Dual-layer, anti-scratch screen
    • Withstands severe impacts and extreme vibration 
    • With ETCO2 measurement technology, it enables the accuracy of intubation and resuscitation quality to be followed both numerically and through trends.
    • Owing to Masimo SET and Rainbow technology, it provides uninterrupted SpO2 measurement in low perfusion or mobile patients.
    • It provides uninterrupted patient monitoring with the standard NIBP parameter.
    • With parameters such as body temperature, ICP, IBP, IAP, which can be added later, it allows you to see all the parameters you measure in a complex intensive care monitor on a defibrillator screen.
    • It provides complex care with Manual, Synchronized Cardioversion, AED (Automatic External Defibrillation Mode) and External Pacemaker modes.
    • Owing to the AED mode, it provides easy use in all clinics and blue code teams throughout the hospital.
    • The external pacemaker feature offered as standard in the device allows for advanced cardiac therapy.

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