Gomco 6036 Gastric Drainage Intermittent Aspirator

Gastric Drainage Aspirator Fixed-Intermittent

Gomco® Model 6036 has two suction modes for fixed (general use) and intermittent (gastric drainage).

Each mod works with its own set of jar and suction tube. For constant suction, it produces vacuum pressure up to 250 mm Hg and a flow rate of 20 LPM at open flow. It produces intermittently vacuum pressure up to 200 mm Hg and a flow rate of 3-4 LPM in open flow.
The Gomco Model 6036 is provided with two collection bottle systems, one for each mode selection, one for 2800 ml polycarbonate plastic and the other for 600 ml glass. These pumps provide suction for all routine suction procedures with a versatile mobile vacuum source. The process is simple and consists of four basic steps;
  • Set the mode switch to Fixed or Intermittent.
  • Adjust the interval timing if needed.
  • Turn on the power.
  • Adjust the vacuum level.

These pumps are designed to provide the following performance characteristics for each mode selection:
Fixed Mode: 0-250 mm Hg vacuum range
Intermittent Mode: 0-200mm Hg vacuum range

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