Aerogen Pro can be sterilized in the hospital and reused for patients.

Multiple Usage Options

3 different ways to use Aerogen Pro: in a ventilator circuit, with adult and pediatric face masks and a mouthpiece that provides greater flexibility in use.

Significantly More Deposition

It provides significantly more accumulation in the lungs compared to traditional aerosol therapy methods.

Simple and Quiet

Easy to install and virtually silent operation without additional flow.

General Features

  1. It provides the most effective "Nebul" treatment in the world with its "Palladium vibrating mesh" technology.
  2. The drug accumulation in the lungs is 25 times more than traditional methods.
  3. The solution is suitable for suspension proteins and peptides.
  4. It is multi-use. It can be sterilized in autoclave at 132-135 °.
  5. With its T adapter, it provides effective use in patients connected to a mechanical ventilator.
  6. It has 10ml medicine capacity.

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