Vortran Medical

Vortran Medical, which is the first and only company that comes to mind of healthcare professionals when "Disposable Ventilator" is mentioned, was established in Sacramento, the capital of California in 1983. The company is dedicated to R&D studies, designs and manufacturing of hospitals, emergency healthcare, emergency and disaster preparedness and MRI / CT products.

Owing to the patented Pulmonary Modulation Technology (PMT) designed within the company, new generation fully automatic disposable respiratory devices are used for the treatment of lung-related diseases. This technology has made possible medical approaches that were not possible before, and thanks to its special mechanics, a disposable, automatic, portable ventilation device for a single patient has emerged. The automatic disposable ventilator, VAR and GO2Vent, which are MR and CT compatible and widely used in our country, are a product of this technology.