Trucorp® specializes in airway training mock-ups and later added trauma and CPR mock-ups to its product range. The manufacturer has used CT DICOM data from real patients in its models to create more realistic models.

Features that allow the application of many techniques for difficult airway training are also available in CPR and Trauma models. Among the manufacturer‘s firsts, there is also a pediatric model suitable for Pierre Robyn Sequence (PRS) anatomy.

The airway in the models is made from a single piece and anatomical similarities are taken into consideration. Owing to the polymer compositions used in the models, airway; gives a more realistic reaction during and after the use of equipment. Models have been tested for continuous and long-term use allow mouth, jaw and neck movements. The tongue may be inflated to limit the glotic view opening and difficult airway applications.

Techniques such as laryngoscope, video laryngoscope, nasal and endotracheal intubation, fiberoptic, single lung ventilation and double lumen tube placement, supraglottic material, needle and surgical cricothyrotomy and tracheostomy can be applied with Trucorp® product lines.