The Draeger company, founded in 1889 by the German engineer Doctor Heinrich Draeger, is located in Lübeck, Germany. In the years when it was founded, it developed a valve to reduce carbon dioxide to the existing stopper systems in barrels. By deciding to produce the Lubeca Valve that it has developed, it has taken the first step towards its 5-generation and ongoing activities.

Bernhard, the son of the founding doctor, has discovered a new application to use this valve in health and rescue services and has identified the areas served by the company, which has been providing medical and safety technologies for more than a hundred years. Having adopted the understanding that every life should be protected, supported and saved and acting with the principle of “Technology for Life”, Draeger has become a global publicly traded company operating worldwide today.

In the field of medical technology, it offers a wide product portfolio consisting of anesthesia devices, ventilators and lung protection systems, patient head monitor systems, newborn incubators, phototherapy lamps, operating room lamps and both accessories and consumables of these devices. At the same time, it also provides pendant systems and infrastructure designs, hospital planning and various technical service services to its customers with a deep-rooted experience. In the field of occupational safety, if; it also operates in the fire and fire safety, oil, gas, chemical, mining, water treatment and pharmaceutical industries.

Draeger has received the Prime Label award in the ISS ESG Enterprise Rating, has been ranked among the top 5% of the industry in the CSR assessment of the EcoVadis institute, Decertified its sustainable technology performance and has gained Gold Status.