Founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg in 2011, Butterfly created the world‘s first handheld, single-probe whole-body ultrasound system using semiconductor technology, the Butterfly iQ+.  Butterfly‘s mission is to democratize medical imaging and contribute to the aspiration of global health equity, making high-quality ultrasound affordable, easy-to-use, globally accessible, and intelligently connected, including for the millions of people around the world lacking access to ultrasound. Through its proprietary Ultrasound-on-Chip™technology, Butterfly is paving the way for earlier detection and remote management of health conditions around the world.

Butterfly iQ™is the only ultrasound transducer that can perform “whole-body imaging” with a single handheld probe using semiconductor technology. Connected to a compatible mobile phone or tablet, it harnesses the advantages of AI to deliver advanced imaging designed to be is easy-to-use and help improve patient outcomes.

℞ only. Butterfly iQ/iQ+™is a portable ultrasound system designed for external ultrasound imaging by trained healthcare professionals. Prior to using the device and its accessories, carefully read the User Manual thoroughly including the intended use, warnings, contraindications and operating instructions.