Axlab Innovation

Denmark-based Axlab Innovation has been serving hospitals and laboratories since 1983. The philosophy of the company is based on "not following the change but driving it forward". BiopSafe; designed for safe biopsy procedure,  has a design that prevents exposure to the formalin compound by touching or breathing in biopsies. The risk of exposure to the formalin compound is something users can experience every day.

Unlike formalin containers or wall-mounted systems that can cause formalin loss, it consists of an airtight container system with a special lid. After the biopsy is placed in the container, the specially designed lid is securely closed. The formalin inside the lid chamber is poured onto the biopsy without causing any leakage or evaporation when light pressure is applied on the lid. Ready in seconds, this system is now ready to be sent to the lab and it saves time and prevents exposure to formalin compound during operations.