The Aerogen company was founded in 1997 Galway, Ireland and is the global leader in the high performance aerosol medicine therapy systems market. Aerogen‘s palladium vibrating mesh technology has transformed the concept of nebulization. Aerogen is the first company to introduce the palladium vibrating network aerosol medicine therapy system in the acute care setting. This system is accepted as the gold standard.

Aerogen company specializes in all aspects of aerosol medicine treatment systems, from the design, production and commercial activities. With its patented vibrating network technology, it converts the liquid medicine into thin particle vapor, and ensures that the drug administered goes to the lungs of critical patients of all ages in the most effective way. Its products have been used in more than 75 countries and millions of patients around the world. It is also the solution partner of the world‘s largest ventilator manufacturers such as Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Covidien, Maquet, Drager, Hamilton and ResMed.